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V-REP Player icon Play, pause or stop V-REP model files (TTM file format), record video streams and export clips to AVI file format, as well as work with plugins

V-REP Player is a CAD software application designed specifically for helping you view all your V-REP simulations. It can be used for analyzing all robot simulations without having to install Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform.

User interface and importing options

The GUI may look a bit overwhelming and confusing at a first glance but this is only because the utility comes packed with various tools for visualizing V-REP simulations.

You are allowed to import data from V-REP model files (TTM file format) using the built-in browse button or drag-and-drop support. It addition, the tool keeps a list with your recent files.

Controlling the simulation

V-REP Player gives you the possibility to gain control over the simulation process by starting, stopping or pausing the current model visualization process, and configuring several simulation-related features, such as number of passes per frame, real-time simulation, time step, pauses on error scripts, full screen at the simulation start, and pauses when the simulation is higher than a custom value. Post-processing actions enable you to reset the scene to the initial state and remove new objects.

What’s more, you can work with a model browser that keeps track of all your models (there’s support for several preset ones), check out a scene hierarchy with all simulations, as well as keep track of multiple layers and easily show or hide them.

You may record video streams, export clips to AVI file format, show or hide cursor during the recording, conceal or reveal information text, pick the saving directory, and adjust the frame rate.

Configuration settings and plugins

V-REP Player allows you to pick the unit of measurement for displaying data (e.g. radians, degrees, millimeters, meters), remove identical vertices and triangles, enable the antialiasing effect, undo or redo your actions, turn on the automatic saving mode, and set up an external script editor.

You may also install plugins for enhancing the overall functionality of the tool. Tests have shown that the utility provides very good output results but it eats up CPU and memory so the overall performance of the computer may be hampered.

An overall efficient V-REP simulator

All in all, V-REP Player comes with a decent feature pack for helping you view all your V-REP simulations and is ideal for multi-robot environments. However, the GUI is not highly intuitive so rookies may need extra time in order to get used to working with it.

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V-REP Player was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
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V-REP Player 3.5.0 rev4

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